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Book Review: Meant to be Mine by Hannah Orenstein

“Meant to be Mine” by Hannah Orenstein is a fictional rom-com that dives into Jewish culture while telling the story of Edie, whose grandmother Gloria has predicted the date that family members will find their soul mate. As Edie’s date approaches, she has her eyes peeled for her one true love as she heads to the airport for a trip to celebrate her sister’s surprise engagement. On the flight, Edie meets a musician who is sitting next to her for the trip and they hit it off. Will she find the love of her life on her predicted date?


As Edie, a fashion stylist, explores her relationship with the musician, she begins to question if she let go of her ex, Jonah too soon; if Mr. Perfect Musician is too perfect to be true; and if timing is on her side for this relationship to work? Edie will question her non-negotiables and how far she’s willing to conform to make love work…or not.


Does fate play a role in who you fall in love with? Or does choice and spontaneity determine who Edie’s true love will be? 


This novel will pull on your heart strings and have you questioning if you believe in soul mates or if choice and chance have more of a role than fate and prophecy do when it comes to love.


“Meant to be Mine” doesn’t only explore romantic relationships but sister relationships, and relationships with grandmothers, too. One big character in this story is the Jewish culture from holidays to Sitting Shiva, to playing mahjong, the culture is a large part of this story. If you’re Jewish you’ll love the nods to the culture, and if you’re not, you’ll learn a little bit about a few family traditions.


If you would like to read more about grandma Gloria and how she met her fated soul mate, check out this short story—“The First Vision”—set in the 1950s that serves as a prequel to the novel.


And, if you missed our virtual discussion but would like to tune in to our chat with the author, check out the recording of our “Meant to be Mine” virtual book club discussion.

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