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Book Review: It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover

WOW! That’s how I felt the minute I finished reading this book. I honestly needed a minute to process it all. Trigger warning: this novel does touch upon the topics of physical abuse.

This story is told through flashbacks that are in the form of letters to Elle DeGeneres, and present day through the viewpoint of Lily, our main character. Lily’s life hasn’t been an easy one—she’s witnessed some tough times as a child, and once she graduated from college she set on to build a new life for herself. She moved to Boston and started her own business. There, she meets a neurosurgeon and sparks fly, but things aren’t always what they seem to be at first. At the same time, a past love interest from Lily’s childhood—Atlas—comes into the picture and makes her choices a little more complicated. 

While in Boston, Lily meets Allysa, who becomes her new confidant and is also an integral part of this story. She exemplifies what true friendship is all about—even in the extremely tough times. 

This novel will tear your heart out, and set it back into place. It’ll have you cheering for both Atlas and the neurosurgeon at various parts through this storyline. But, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing rom-com about this novel. A true story of the entanglements of the heart, and how though things aren’t always what they seem, choices aren’t always so black and white when you’re caught in the middle of the chaos.

This story felt like an emotional rollercoaster. The minute I finished reading the last page, I sat with the book closed on my lap and just had to take a moment to reflect on what I had just read.

If you read this amazing novel, let us know what you think. I gave this one 4-stars, only because personally, I wasn’t a fan of the letters to Ellen DeGeneres.

It Ends With us
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