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Apple iMac 21″
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Wire Wall Clock
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& Adornment
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Light Wood Shelves
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Wired House Cup Vase
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The Workspace

As the times have changed in the snap of a finger, we’ve had to adapt. And we’ll continue to have to do so as times change. Whether it’s the new normal of working from home, dealing with a difficult co-worker, what to wear to work, or how to ask for a raise. I’ll be sharing tips on everything work related—including cute work from home work spaces. But, since I’m an office supply junkie, you’ll also find recommendations for products and tools/apps I love.

A few guides, ideas and tips.

Remember the home/office?

A label so many found contradicting is now ironically the norm.

Office Gossip Talk

Have you heard about the latest office trends? Let me share some of my thoughts, opinions and ideas.

Home Office

Is it me but do day breaks make more sense now? My struggles towards a work life balance at home.

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