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Book Review: Lucky by Marissa Stapley

Lucky by Marissa Stapley tells the story of a con artist and how her upbringing brought her to her present-day circumstances. But, just as her name says, Lucky is fortunate as she finds out she is holding on to the winning lottery ticket while on the run from the police. The catch? If she cashes in her earnings, that can completely alter her life’s path, she can go to prison for her crimes.

Lucky comes from a difficult upbringing, as her father has always been a con artist. Though she wants to get out of the “family business,” each time she’s faced with challenges. As Lucky attempts to teach herself enough to get into college, put herself through college courses and even start a business, challenges still await her. Nothing is easy for Lucky, except luring in the perfect target for a con. After all, she needs to survive.

As Lucky’s story unfolds, we meet the misfits that shaped who she is, those who tried to save her, and some who impacted her life. As Lucky’s future unfolds, so do her relationships with her boyfriend, father, and mother. But that’s not all, this book will be revealing family secrets and unsolved mysteries until the very last chapter.

This story is about grit. About finding what it takes inside yourself to survive. It’s a story about redemption, and finding your own path in life, no matter what surroundings and circumstances you have shaping you into something different. Lucky taught me that not everything is as it seems, and you should always be aware of your surroundings so you don’t become a target yourself. But, also, that survival is hard. Life skills are essential. And the love of a parent can truly save you in the end, if only you allow it.

I’ll admit, Lucky is not the typical book I would’ve picked up. But it’s a book I’ll remember for many days ahead. And, I can’t wait to see Lucky’s story unfold on TV—stay tuned for more news about that from the author soon.

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