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Santa, Please Bring Me a Boyfriend by Sophie Ranald

I loved Santa, Please Bring Me a Boyfriend for Christmas,” however, I have one recommendation—change the title. This book is so much more than the search for a love interest. It’s about the strongest and most supportive group of female friendship that I have ever read about. So, if it was up to me, this book would definitely get a title change, STAT.


Rowan, the main character, has one main thing on her Christmas list—a boyfriend for Christmas. She is newly divorced with a teenage daughter at home, and less than lucrative job as a real estate agent.


Set in London, this book is filled with descriptive and fun adventures throughout the city. But the main story line, in my opinion, was the support from Rowan’s cast of friends. After noticing she was extremely down at one of their girls’ luncheons at the start of the season, the group decides to do something to cheer up their friend and get her feeling a little more festive. Due to her lack of funds from her less than stellar job, Rowan is finding it difficult to enjoy this holiday season. Her friends arrange a fancy advent calendar filled with treats that her and her daughter look forward to discovering every day.


But, that’s not all. This advent calendar arrives with a surprise, and I don’t just mean the hot delivery guy Rowan looks forward to interacting with daily. This group of friends has removed the surprises from the box and has set them to arrive daily—knowing their friend would not have the patience to open one each day. But, they’ve also thrown in a few surprises of their own—tasks, surprise guests, and memorable gifts that will have Rowan remembering who she once was before she became a mom and a divorcee, and reminding her of the confident, sexy, and successful woman she once was.


As Rowan gets to know her adorable delivery guy, she also gets to know herself. Will Rowan get to unwrap more than just her advent calendar treats come Christmas morning?


This story not only dives into the importance of having a support group around you, but also the challenges in co-parenting, and raising a teen as a single mom, plus the difficulties in succeeding at work in a male-dominated office. Throw in there an ex-husband who was once also her secret “friend with benefits” long after their divorce, and this novel has all the sex-appeal you need to keep you cheering for love.


Will this be the Christmas Rowan’s wishes come true?



This is a holiday book you can enjoy all year round.

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