Geek Chic Lust List

14 Things on my Geek Chic Lust List

I’ve been dreaming lusting about the above items for some time now.

As many of you might know, I was laid off from my job in Public Relations a little over a year ago. However, while I was working full-time I was always freelancing as a journalist for many women’s magazines. Being laid off, though tough and very frustrating at times, has given me the time and opportunity to dedicate myself to where my passion really is – writing. It’s allowed me to further develop my blog and my own personal “brand” more than I had in the past. Some of you might have already heard the news (more info on this to come soon) but I have recently collaborated with two other women and we’re starting a new parenting magazine for families with children of all abilities. For now it’s going to be local to Miami, but we have big plans and dreams for it. That’s kept me rather busy and it’s why this blog hasn’t had as frequent of entries as it’s had in the past. I’m also currently working on developing my blog to something bigger. I have a gorgeous logo being developed and soon this little old blog will have a new look. It’s all about branding now, isn’t it? With all these things going on and a few more I still have to get to – like getting a children’s book written that’s been floating around in my head for months now, I am constantly depending on my gadgets.

These gadgets of mine though are somewhat outdated. I am currently using the iPhone 3G and it’s gotten SO INCREDIBLY SLOW that it’s very frustrating when trying to respond to long emails, texts or even surf the internet for some research. Also, attending meetings with our magazine designer and publisher I’ve realized that lugging my Macbook around is rather heavy! My bag usually consists of too many things (blog on that coming up) but for now I’ll give you the gist of it. At any given moment you can find: my wallet, makeup bag, brush, notebooks (yes, plural), my nook, a few pens, and if I’m off to a meeting my laptop. That’s a small arm workout right there on its own. I’ve realized that though I still need my Macbook it: 1. needs to be upgraded, I’ve had mine since about 2005 and 2. it’s too heavy to lug to meetings and think an iPad would be best for this.

I currently depend on my NookColor to get a quick read in and catch up on my latest book, catch up with my magazines or the current news. Though I absolutely love my NookColor for reading, it’s not the best for web surfing. It’s great if I need to search something quickly, but it’s not ideal when sitting at a meeting and discussing new ideas. Also, many times I need to connect to the internet to show what photos we’d like for our cover, or go through our page map, these are things my little NookColor just can’t handle. My Macbook still can, but it’s way too heavy. I think it would be easiest to simply throw in an iPad in my purse and rush to a meeting. If I have to go anywhere after, I don’t have to worry about lugging a few extra pounds of computer around.

As for pictures, I currently use a Nikon Coolpix S8000. It works great, and for its price I can’t ask for more.I purchased mine about two years ago, so the price is even better now if you’re looking for a great affordable camera. It’s now about half the price it was when I bought it. However, I’ve been lusting over an SLR camera for years and with all the new ventures taking place, I think it’s about time to make the investment.

With all these gadgets, a girl needs to look chic and that’s why I included all the cute (and functional) cases, bags, and covers. I’ve included the Coach blogger bag before, which was designed by London’s Foie Gras blogger and just about meets all of a blogger’s needs. But I can’t seem to find one in the USA and the price is quite a bit high.

To be successful, branding is a huge part of making yourself and your blog, your brand, recognizable. I’ve picked colors, which you’ll see more clearly once my logo is ready. You already know I have a love for the navy and hot pink combo and that will remain. Though I think branding should be consistent in more than just your logo. All of your items should represent YOU! Which is why as you can see by the cases and covers I’ve selected above those colors are very clearly represented. Though I added a little gold because well, let’s be honest, every girl loves a little sparkle and bling.

All these chic gadgets would make my life easier and more simplified. Though on a freelancer’s budget, it’s tough to splurge on these without some thinking, planning and SAVING. So for now, I will just lust over them and hope that a giant project lands on my lap and I can at least add one or two of these to my daily routine. If I had to pick right now my first splurges would be: iPhone, Nikon camera, iPad (most likely in that order).

What are you currently lusting? If you’re a blogger, freelancer or work from home, what gadgets make your work, day, and life easier?

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