Not Your Toddlers Hair Accessories

Beauty Bust: It’s Not Your Toddler’s Hair Accessories

Although I’m in my 30s I still have a thing for hair accessories.

We’ve all seen those gorgeous babies and toddlers with huge trendy bows and headbands pulling their delicate little outfits together. Yet, for those of with a few more years on us, there’s still fun to be had. I can’t walk into a Target, Ulta or any store that sells hair accessories without browsing the aisle for new goods. It’s not like I need more. I have a drawer dedicated to headbands, scarves, hair ties, bobby pins – you name it, it’s in there. Part of me likes the childhood memories of the hair bands, and the other part of my just likes a little bling anywhere I can get it. We all know the days are getting warmer, so why not spruce up your daily ponytail. You know that even if you leave your house with perfect hair, it’ll end up in a ponytail by the time you head home. Some of my favorite looks are: adding a headband to your ponytail, tying your ponytail with something with a little bling, a nice headband not only removes those sometimes annoying bangs from your face but also looks stylish and put together. The new hair ties with a knot on the ends (shown above) are my new favorite hair ties. They don’t leave much of a dent if you want to let your hair back down, and the colors are bright and funky. Also, since they don’t have a metal clasp, you don’t have to worry about your hair breaking with use.

Headbands keep your hair pulled together and cute while at the beach or out and about on a hot summer day. Scarves are also a great alternative and you can make your own headband by tieing them at the nape of your neck. If your more into a goddess look, elastic headbands with embellishments work great. You simply wear them closer to your forehead, making it look like a tiara, instead of your standard headband look.

My favorite time to experiment with headbands was when my hair was short – like up to my chin. I felt I needed girly and frilly accessories to make my short hair stand out. Since I couldn’t pull it back in a ponytail, I was always experimenting to make it look different. Now, my hair is a bit longer, a little past my shoulders, but I’m debating on chopping it back to the short look as the months warm up.
Now as for bobby pins, I have those in every color, shape, and style. These are great to use when wearing your hair down if you just want to pull your bangs back. They can be used to help your ponytail stay secure or turn it into a stylish bun. You can also pin back small pieces of your hair on each side and still wear it down, but keeping it away from your face. The styles are endless and a little embellishment on the ends add a little something extra to your look. If you are into DIY, these can also be quick and easy to make. By adding cute buttons or jewels from your local craft store to the ends of your bobby pin you can ensure you have a style that’s uniquely YOU.

It’s all about showing your personality with your fashion with every detail you can. You don’t have to be a 2-year-old to look cute and trendy with your hair accessories. Experiment with it and have some fun! After all, that’s what the Summer season is all about.

How do you change your hairstyle for the warmer months ahead? Are you into headbands and hair accessories or do you think they’re childish? What’s your favorite style or product? What’s your style: Short or longer hair?

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