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Women are the Fiercest Creatures by Andrea Dunlop

A story of friendship, love, misogyny, courage, infidelity, relationships, and more.

“Women are the Fiercest Creatures is about three overlooked women who take on the charming, manipulative tech CEO who wrote them out of his startup’s history.


Anna Sarnoff is still reeling from her divorce from Jake Sarnoff. Forced out of the company that she helped build, Anna is navigating the waters of solo parenting their two teenage boys. Samanta Flores-Walsh, Jake’s college girlfriend, is busy raising her teenage daughter and running her yoga studio. Their relationship ended years ago, but she still has unanswered questions, and when she learns that Jake is planning to take his billion-dollar company public, she starts to wonder if perhaps it isn’t too late for justice.


Finally, there’s Jake’s younger new wife, Jessica, who’s struggling to stay afloat as a new mom while her high-profile husband grows increasingly distant.


Women Are the Fiercest Creatures dives into the obstacles women navigate in every aspect of their existence.

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