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“Her, Too” by Bonnie Kistler

“Her, Too” is a story of women’s survival of rape. 


A well-known defending attorney, known for specializing in defending men accused of sex crimes, becomes the victim herself after securing her client an acquittal. But, she can’t share her story of rape or her career will be in danger. Many criticize her character as being anti-women for defending these men for their crimes. But when the tables are turned, she seeks revenge.


She joins forces with some of the other victims to try to get justice for themselves by destroying the renowned scientist’s work to cure Alzheimers, along with his legacy.


But as they work together to take him down, each one faces a more critical outcome as one by one they’re all being hunted themselves.


This novel showcases how sexual abuse and rape can affect women from all various societal groups and the fight it takes to deal with the aftermath of such an experience. But, the story isn’t only about rape and abuse. It’s also about family, the will to live, a mother’s love for her children, a wife’s determination to support her husband and fight for her family, and the battle between career and personal life that many women face.

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