Hello 2024

Hello 2024! We know, it’s been two weeks. But, it’s taken us that long to settle in, reflect, and plan. 2023 hit us hard (more on that coming soon). But for now, we want to share what you can expect from us in 2024, hoping that it’s a better year than 2023 ended up being.


First, the website sort of took a backseat while other factors had to take precedence. In 2024, we plan to write more, share more, and tell more stories that can inspire and motivate YOU to “live YOUR most beautiful life.” If you know anyone who has launched their own business since the pandemic, started a wellness journey (notice wellness, not weight loss), or have a book you loved, share with us.


Speaking of books, our book club never took a backseat. That was our solace, our happy place, our time to share, learn, laugh, and sometimes maybe even cry. We read some amazing books in 2023 and chatted with many talented authors—Nikki Erlick, Marie Stills, Andrea Dunlop, and Bonnie Kistler. We plan to continue our virtual book club, while also interviewing more authors of books we read and sharing their stories on the website. This was something we kicked off in 2023 and really enjoyed. There are so many amazing books and authors, whose stories we’d love to share.


Also, for 2024, we are planning to do an in-person meet up. We are thinking likely for the “It Ends with Us” movie release since the sequel was one of our favorite reads in 2023. We’ll be sharing more information on this as the date gets closer.


And, finally, we are working on revamping the site a little bit. We have had plans to add more topic sections such as wellness, as well as updating the Bookshelf page to make past book reviews easier to search by genre, book, author. We will be sharing more when these updates take place.


We will also be sharing our stories on the website more via our newsletter. If you haven’t yet subscribed, do so here. This is where we share our current book club reads, send RSVP info for our virtual book clubs, and will be sharing more of our online content. If you don’t spend a lot of time on social media and miss posts often, this is this best way to stay up to date. Don’t worry, we won’t bombard your inbox, as we won’t send more than one email a week.         


These are our goals for Bella Vida Styles for 2024!


What are your goals for this year? Share with us in the comments below.

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