Welcome to Bella Vida Styles 2

Welcome to Bella Vida Styles 2.0

Let me give you a little background first.

Bella Vida Styles was first launched back in 2011. It ran for six years, and won Best Local Lifestyle Blog by CBS 4 thanks to reader votes. But once I started working full time as an editor and writer for a travel magazine, while also freelancing and traveling a ton for work, it became too much to keep up with. Since then, Bella Vida Styles has been on hiatus, but was always in the back of my mind.
I have to credit her relaunch to a good friend (and creator behind this stunning website) for pushing me to give Bella Vida Styles another go about two years ago. Since then we’ve been working tirelessly on a new design and new plan. A few things have changed since 10 years ago. First, I added an “S” to the name, so what was once “Bella Vida Style—a Beautiful Lifestyle,” is now “Bella Vida Styles.” Why the “S?” Well, because there is more than one beautiful lifestyle. And, because there are so many beautiful lifestyles, I have also added new topics, categories, and features to the site. These include: Beauty Parlor for everything skincare and makeup; Bookshelf where you can find book reviews, sign up for our Virtual Book Club, tune in to one of our past Virtual Book Club discussions, and possibly find author interviews; Creative Vibes is a spot where I’ll be sharing things that inspire me—my creative outlets, things like journaling, photography, writing, planning and lots more; Family Life is where I’ll be writing about my own family, traditions, and also giving tips on how to handle those tough family situations (Annoying mother-in-law, anyone?); Fashionably Fab will be where I share fashion inspiration and tips, plus interview ladies who are Fashionably Fab in life, because being fashionable isn’t just about style; Healthy Habits is the section where I’ll be sharing my new found passion for wellness including workout tips, self care rituals, interviews with ladies who have found their wellness journey, and more; in Travel Diaries you can find my favorite spots from my travels, recommended hotels and excursions, interviews with inspiring women in other countries, plus can’t-miss hidden spots; and finally Workspace will be filled with work from home inspiration, work tips like how to deal with a tough co-worker, how to ask for a raise, tips for how to balance your time, and stay organized, plus much more.

Speaking of friends…our Virtual Book Club is a great place to meet new women, discuss our latest read, and learn from others, while also, hopefully, being inspired. Since it’s virtual, you’ll be able to join us from anywhere across the globe. If you’re in a book club, that’s great…maybe you and your friends can join us one month, or let our book pick inspire your next book club read. (I get it, I have my own Book Club with a few college friends that’s been going for about 14 years now and we’re not quitting it). And, if you’re searching for a place to discuss your latest favorite book with others, then this could be your home. Share it with friends, or enjoy it for yourself as your “me time” while you learn from those participating. We’ll be allowing about 2 months per book in order to give those Boss Babes, and Swamped Moms enough time to read. And, if you finish before that, don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of book reviews and suggestions on our Bookshelf page. If you read something you love, tag us on social media—we love to share our reader’s fave reads in our highlight on Instagram.

So for now, thank you for reading. Thank you for following along. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to hearing a lot more from all of you. As I’m sure I’ll be as inspired by you, as I hope you will be by Bella Vida Styles.

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