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Daydreaming About Inspirational Work Spaces

A perfect working space can clear your mind, make your more creative, and ease stress.

That can be difficult when you’re a working from home type. Many times your “work space” becomes the kitchen counter, dinning room table, the sofa with your laptop on your lap, sometimes even your bed. If you have a lap desk, leaving the sofa or your bed might be difficult. But, in my opinion, having a consistent space for work and creativity gets your mind thinking you are in productive mode.Many times your living environment doesn’t give you much space to have a home office. That office can just be a desk in the corner of a room. No matter how big or small your work space is, it should be filled with things that inspire you and motivate you. Currently, because I’m trying to vamp up my freelance career, my office space is a desk in the corner of my bedroom. I don’t own my own apartment yet, and space is scarce. I feel like my office space is in dire need of a mood board of sorts and a place to place things that inspire me. Looking out the window is great when it’s a beautiful sunny day or raining, but the view to my neighbor’s house or the huge green trash can he often leaves on the side of the house is, well, less than inspiring.
Dream Workspace
A Girl can dream for this space, can’t she? But I’d change the yellow to pink and add some mirrored furniture pieces.

Which brings me to my current day dream. Pinteresting and Instagram liking every beautiful home office space I see. It inspires me to try to change up my current space, to add more personality; though now it’s very serene. I need more organization space, which has me searching for a side table, chest to be able to store all my published articles, notebooks filled with interviews and all those boring cute office supplies.

I’ll soon be sharing with you more ideas on organization and how to make small office spaces work for you. But in the mean time, here are some office spaces that I’ve been daydreaming about. I love the mood boards, the big comfy and fancy chairs, the gallery walls, the lightening, the colors. One thing I always need on my desk while I work is a burning candle. For some reason it calms me when the pressure of a deadline is looming, and the fragrance and twinkling light gets my creative ideas flowing. Flowers are also a great an inexpensive addition to keep my area fresh and with some life.

Here are a few of my favorites from the wonderful world of Pinterest …

lights and inspiration board
Love the lights and the inspiration board
simplicity gallery wall
Love the colors, simplicity and gallery wall. Oh yeah, and that chair too
creative organization
Great creative idea for organization!
couch windows girly details
There’s a couch, lots of windows, and lots of girly details!
The Ultimate Desk
The Ultimate Desk… pops of color
chest cork boards fancy simple desk
Pretty use of a chest, cork boards and fancy, yet simple desk.
rustic feel
Something about the rustic feel of this makes my inner county girl happy.
pink navy curtains window space
Love the pink and Navy curtains here and great use of a window.
wall canvas photos
Love the wall of canvas photos of favorite people and places.
empty frame focal point
Love the empty frame as a focal point of all the organizational pieces.

And now a couple of inspiring and lovely workspaces that below to a few of my favorite bloggers . . .

Taylor Sterling The Glitter Guide
Taylor Sterling creator of The Glitter Guide
Danielle Moss Co-Creater The Every Girl
Danielle Moss, Co-Creater of The Every Girl. Photo by The Every Girl via Pinterest
The Every Girl work space
The Every Girl work space… Photo by The Every via Pinterest
Closer look The Every Girl workspace
A Closer look at The Every Girl workspace. Photo by The Every via Pinterest
Sugar Paper LA workspace
Sugar Paper LA workspace. Photo by The Every via Pinterest. Love the huge mood board

What do you look for in a perfect home office space? How did you make your office space work for you and the space you actually have? If you could have anything in your office space what would you have? For me, it’d be chairs for visitors to sit or a nice love seat for visitors or for myself to get some reading done while I relax a bit.

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