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Miami Bloggers’ Night Out & Spring/Summer Fashion for Sizzlin’ Hot Days

This post is a little over due,but I was a little busy last week and away during weekend for my little baby’s wedding celebration.

(Posts on the wedding will be coming up this week, so stay tuned!) The launch of a new magazine, Unique Me magazine, has also kept me away from blogging. I promise to be sharing more on Unique Me with you all shortly!

Last Wednesday, I attended a Bloggers Night Out event and Fashion Show at Neiman Marcus in Merrick Park. I was very excited to be attending an event for Bloggers in Miami because let’s face it, we still have a lot to get together down here! We can’t be compared to New York or California when it comes to media, blogging or publishing, but we’re trying and we’ll make it as we always do.

Bloggers Night Out event and Fashion ShowLast week’s event included a panel discussion by some of Miami’s bloggers and fashion know-it-alls, which included: Annie Vazquez, the master mind behind the event voice of The Fashion Poet; Maria Tettamaniti who pen’s The Wordy Girl and both who also contribute to fashion reports; Jenny Lopez, who writes Lopez Jenny Lopez and is also a Next Model; Ginger Harris the woman behind Electric Blogerella and Karla Garcia a local photographer who you can find snapping away every day street fashion which you can find on Oh Snap.

The fashion show included looks from Alice & Olivia, Winter Kate, Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs and many more. The fashion was filled with bright oranges paired with hot pinks, and lots of neon accents. Mis-matched patterns were also seen quite a bit so don’t be shy about pairing those floral jeans with a stripped top! Shorts are also coming out of their ordinary khakis and navy’s and many patterns and accents were seen such as lace, stone embellishments and bold patterns. The colored jeans trend of the Fall season were spruced up a bit with bold patterns in a single color throughout or bold colorful stripes and patterns. Spring is all about bold and making a statement. I also learned that yellow is the new neutral so put your beige heels away for a bit and don’t be afraid to pair anything and everything with yellow from your shoes to your clutch or your jewelry – yellow was seen on almost every outfit. Lightweight blazers and jackets were also added to just about every outfit. Living in Miami with summer heat reaching the 90s, this could be a tough one to pull of, but I think the lightweight materials will make it bearable when heading out at night.

I will be diving in deeper into this season’s styles in upcoming posts. For now, here’s a peak at the looks I had front row seats for.

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