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Girl Crush on Fashion Maven’s Spring Styles

I have to admit, ever since her days on Laguna Beach The Real O.C. and then The Hills, I’ve had a bit of a fashion girl crush on Lauren Conrad.

Even though she’s quite a bit younger in age than I am, her style is always feminine, trendy and classic. She always seems perfectly put together no matter the occasion or party. Her look seems effortless yet filled with effort. The look most of us ladies would love to achieve. She always looks stylish, a bit bohemic, yet always on trend.

I also think they way she carried herself on all these shows exemplified a woman of class, who enjoys life and parties, falls in love, and spends time with friends, all while always keeping her standards and morals high. I valued how she carried herself, for a girl her age, she definitely showed she was wise beyond her years. That can definitely be seen in the way she’s become such an amazing business woman with published novels and style books, a clothing line, and a blog and company who have a huge following. She’s proven to be more than the fashion intern, reality TV star she started out to be.

Though I usually wouldn’t be caught in a Kohls store, I must admit that I do tend to stop by every now and then. I usually walk in and make a mad dash straight to the Lauren Conrad line. It’s always filled with affordable pieces perfect for every season. What I love best about her line is that it’s usually kept very classy, with a hint of that season’s style. Whether it’s a plain tank or silk top with a backless cutout, lace or glitter embellishment without over doing it. Her blazers always have something unique about them too, whether it’s florals, or just their basic cut. Spring is definitely in the air with her cute ensembles for 2013. The printed floral and polka dot shorts are adorable, as are the flowy bright and pastel colored dresses. Come to think of it, I kind of like it want it all.
Her accessories at Kohls also add glam and classiness to most styles at prices that won’t make you save for weeks before splurging. The shoes! Have I mentioned the shoes? From flats, sandals, to wedges perfect for Spring, all within a working girls’ means. I must admit, every time I do wear one of her pieces, I get compliments galore and no one ever thinks it was purchased at Kohls. It’s like my little secret, but I’m letting you all in on it now. Now, if only I could get my hair to look like hers, I’d be set.

Want to see more of her cute florals, and classic, trendy girly looks? Check out the behind the scenes video shoot for Kohls here . . .

Who’s you’re favorite stylish celebrity? Whose style do you like to copy? Whose would you copy if you could? What inspires you to be stylish? Do you have a celebrity girl crush?

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