Accessorizing with Bella Paz

Bella Paz, an accessories line, is the creation of Yanna Cabrera de Paz.


“I jokingly refer to this amazing part of my life as my midlife crisis,” says de Paz. “My husband who is a pianist was about to start a tour with Los Tres Pianistas, (think the Three Tenors, but instead three pianists onstage at the same time). I thought, ‘What do I do?’ I’m a mom and a teacher but still I wanted to fill that free time while he was gone. I can’t explain how, but I sat down and started to create.”

Yanna Cabrera de Paz wearing blue statement earrings.



So she sat to create and began making clutches, earrings and cuff bracelets.


“I made them with the materials I grew up with seeing here in Miami, or in the Caribbean. Mother of pearl, straw, pearls, and coral aquamarine are some recurring textiles in my pieces,” she says.


The inspiration for her pieces comes from a variety of places—the ocean, her Cuban American culture, other designers, and other women.


“Each one of my pieces is completely unique. I like to create something you can keep forever. Something that is just yours and nobody else’s,” says de Paz. 


When it comes to accessorizing, de Paz says, “You can be a little more daring. I wear a lot of black or navy; with my accessories I think you bring that touch of color back to your look. That beautiful piece that makes someone take a second look.”


She adds, “I love texture and movement in my creations. I love when a woman walks and a tassel swings, a fringe moves, or an earring catches the light.”

I think a woman needs to find what looks good on her and stick to it. Every woman is beautiful.

Though de Paz adds that she’s not a big trend follower, she says, “I think a woman needs to find what looks good on her and stick to it. Every woman is beautiful. Some become even more beautiful with a jewel tone hanging from their ear. Some with light colors, some earth tones.” 


Summer is right around the corner, and for this season de Paz says it’s about fringe and tassels, sandy neutrals in creams and straw textures.


“I love to see women wearing a big earring and their hair pulled back on these hot summer nights. Or a large striking cuff bracelet to complete a look.”


Currently, she’s all about a dress or skirt that is light and airy with ruffles or fringe that move when you walk. 


These one-of-a-kind creations can be shopped for via a concierge service where de Paz delivers a bag of merchandise to a client that a they may want to see, which gives them the ease of shopping from the comfort of their home. Clients can also make appointments for individual shopping experiences.


If you’re interested in seeing more of Bella Paz’s creations, you can check her out on Instagram @Bella.Paz.796.

What are your favorite summer accessories? What do you think about a statement piece?

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