Valentines for yourself

Valentines for yourself . . . A few of my wants

If you’re single for this Valentine’s Day, don’t let it get you down.


Think of it as a positive thing. Instead of having to worry what you’re going to get your lover boy, what cute outfit you’re going to wear and what you’ll do tonight. (Will you even have the energy for some sexy time, I mean, it’s Friday isn’t it?) All you really have to worry about is YOURSELF! Now isn’t that just grand?Think of it as just another excuse to go shopping and get yourself some treats!

If you’re thinking, “But I’m too late! Today is Valentine’s Day!” Don’t fear, that clock hasn’t struck midnight just yet. So get to online shopping, or the mall, and pick up a thing or two that make YOU happy! Don’t go overboard, it’s not Christmas so just a treat or two will do. Actually, who am I kidding, go ahead spoil yourself! Who else will?

Here are a few things on my current lust list. Things I would get myself today if I could. (Current budget is stopping me from adding all of these to my virtual shopping bag.)

I discovered both Eco Diva Beauty and Indie Lee through InstaGram and now I’m dying to get my hands on their facial products. Eco Diva Beauty products are free of  parabens, sulfates, synthetic colours and fragrances. Indie Lee is on a similar path making all of their products from the finest all-natural ingredients around the world. This line is designed to enhance the face and body with gratifying green glamour. If you’re anything like me, where what you put on your sensitive skin matters, these couldn’t sound more perfect. (I promise to review them for you all whenever I get my hands on some!) Speaking of beauty, I can never have too much makeup so a few from the latest Laura Mercier collection would make my day right about now.

I’ve been trying to do more outdoorsy stuff lately, like walking the Key Biscayne bridge and doing stuff with friends that are active and not just stuffing our faces when we hang out. Which is where my need want for a new bike comes in. This cruiser looks perfect and I’m thinking I can add a basket big enough to take the pup along with me. Going along with my bike theme for this year, (I’m trying to just enjoy the ride of 2014) came these cute iPhone covers. With all the walking and activities, I think it’s time for some new kicks and these Nike sneakers with gold embellishments are just calling my name. They’re also fashionable enough to wear out and about and not just when exercising. Plus, they go along with my gold theme of 2013 that I’m pretty much carrying into 2014. Anything with gold goes!I’m also in desperate need for a new iPad cover! Mine has chips and dents all over the place. This one by DVF couldn’t be more fitting for myself. However, slightly out of my budget. (I guess I’ll be stalking it now for months.) Work is starting to overflow all over the place and I’m thinking I need a desk or organization that has more than one tiny drawer devoted to work stuff. And that’s why I’m lusting over the mirrored accent chest. I think it’ll go perfectly against all my dark wood furniture. A modern, yet girly place to keep all my work and office supplies organized and hidden from the world.

Then when it’s time to finally relax, I’m lusting over these Intimint intimates! How cute are they? If you’re not wearing something sexy tonight for someone special, then you might as well wear something girly, cute and comfy that makes YOU happy! These sets of girly-chic undergarments are really calling my name. Plus, the sleepwear also looks adorable. As does the hot pink one from Target. Girly and chic at an affordable price? Sign me up! I really love cute PJs and these will be the perfect way to spend a quiet night in  – just add champagne and a chick flick please.

Now if getting away for a bit is what you’re after, the Lo & Sons Catalina is perfect as a carry-on or weekender, with a separate compartment to keep your shoes.  (I need to get my hands on one before my next trip!) You won’t have to worry about getting your travel clothing dirty with the soles of your shoes with this beauty.If you need an excuse to add some new beauties to store away in that shoe compartment, check out the Tieks. I also discovered them through InstaGram and I’m in love. They look perfectly comfortable for a weekend get-away filled with walking and exploring, yet chic enough to wear to the office or even on a date to brunch with the girls! (This is all about you, not dating, right?) Who needs sexy red-bottom heels when you can wear comfy teal bottom flats? Actually, let’s save those red-bottom heels for a sexy night out. For some inspiration and bling, a girl always needs a little something that sparkles to add to her collection. Dogeared jewelry has many adorable and meaningful designs for the modern lady. And being that you’re being a modern lady this Valentine and gifting yourself some treats, I personally think this is the way to go. Find the one with the inspiration that speaks to you the most and wear it to remind yourself of what you want to do and where you want to be. I also discovered Dogeared on InstaGram and lust after all their photos. Come to think of it, I’ve probably been spending way too much time searching things on InstaGram lately.

Hope you all enjoy this very Happy Valentine and treat yourself to some Valentines for YOURSELF! Whatever that may be! If it’s jewelry, beauty, new running shoes, chocolates, a good movie, or even just some champagne, a bubble bath and a good book. Do what makes YOU happy today and treat yourself!

Happy Valentine to Yourself!

** Stay tuned for our upcoming feature of The Single Girl Life! If you have a topic you want to know more about or want us to tackle… let us know!** How will you be spending your Valentine? Are you coupled off or single? Do you get yourself treats if you’re single? How about those of you in relationships, do you still take time to do something for yourself? Let us know what you’re favorite treats are or what you’ll be gifting yourself this Valentine! 

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