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Emmy’s 2013 Best Dressed List: Lace, Sparkle & Trumpette – Oh My

For those of you who don’t follow awards shows, the Emmy’s were on Sunday.

For those of you who stalk award shows, you will probably agree with me that the dresses on Sunday’s Emmy’s were probably some of the best. Nothing really stood out to me as a fashion faux pas wreck, instead I have a plethora of favorite Best Dressed, if you will.

This season’s use of pale pinks, reminded me of the 1999 Oscar’s and Gweneth Paltrow’s gorgeous pink corset dress, which admiringly, was the inspiration to my high school’s prom dress.Gweneth Paltrows gorgeous pink corset xdress I’ll admit, that’s been my favorite dress I’ve ever worn and still hangs in my closet some 10+++ years later. Though, I personally think my take on the pale pink Paltrow-inspired dress was a bit more fantastic than hers because I combined the Titanic corset trend that was going on back then to my design.

Ok, enough about me. This year’s pale pink ensembles were gorgeous and nothing of the ordinary. Lace, trumpet skirts, and plunging necklines all added to the glamour of the evening.

pale pink ensemble 1

pale pink ensemble 2

Another trend I loved were the black and white combos seen. Whether a flared ball gown silhouette or a tighter mermaid style skirt, both of these options took my breath away.

black and white combos

black and white combos 2

Speaking of mermaid style skirts, can I publicly admit to my love obsession with the trumpette skirts? Sofia Vergara, Giuliana Rancic and Julie Brown all had amazing takes on this silhouette. I couldn’t stop staring at the detail on Ranic’s blue gown. It was like a modern take on Cinderella’s famous light blue dress, if you ask me.

Pink Mermaid Style

Blue Mermaid Style

White Mermaid Style

Red Mermaid Style

Red Mermaid Style Front

Now that I mentioned the Modern Family ladies, they all did a superb job in choosing their Emmy ensemble. Even young Sarah Hyland had a stunning deep, emerald-green and black lace dress that was perfectly suiting for her age, yet stunning enough to leave those who aren’t in their 20s coveting the gorgeous gown.

Now on to the bright colors and deep goes, Tina Fey’s bright blue gown was simple and perfectly elegant. Lena Dunham’s printed gown isn’t something I’d personally choose, but she totally stood out on the red carpet in a good way. And I’m sure you can all agree, seeing her in something that’s actually put together, matching and well – actually classifies as clothing – is a breath of fresh air compared to what we see her in on Girls.

Blue Gown

Blue Gown Front

Teal Rose Gown

Here are a few of my other favorite colored, emerald, teal, grey gowns adorned in lace, embellishments and overall just fabulous silhouettes. I didn’t even know there was another Deschanel famous sister. But now I’m adding Emily to my list of styles I love.

Grey Gown

Emeral Gown

Then we have the classic black dress, which in my opinion perfectly curvy Christina Hendricks nailed. I love that she’s never shy to show her figure and looks confident and sexy while doing it. I also want to say I absolutely love everything about her hair – cut, style, color.

Classic Black Dress

Another one of my hair crushes for the evening is Elizabeth Moss. I guess the Mad Men ladies know how to do short hair right.

Elizabeth Moss Short Hair

Now there’s your recap on my take on the 2013 Emmy’s Best Dressed List. Now you can partake in the water cooler convos and add something to it, even if you didn’t watch the entire three-hour long show. Who made your list?

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