Big Bags

I Like Big Bags and I can Not Lie

I have quite a fetish for purses, large purses to be specific.

My purse sometimes can give Marry Poppins’ bag a run for her money. You never know what can come out of it. On most days, it can even qualify and substitute for an arm weight. Beauty is pain, isn’t that what they say? I consider it a workout for my arms. But in all honesty, especially when I’m working and on the go, I need many things with me – notebooks, pens, agendas, laptop, e-reader, makeup, wallet, water bottle. Trust me, I can survive for a couple of days, or until my electronics run out of battery with what I carry in my bag.

I’ve been known to get compliments from unexpected bags, like this Barnes and Noble creation that has been mistaken for a designer bag a few times. Little do they know I only bought it as a cute “laptop” bag for work, which conveniently carried my Nook Color safely. Mine came in a brown/mocha and beige combination and unfortunately I paid a lot more than what it’s on sale for now. Mine was about $80 two years ago and now you can snag the black version for just $15! They also used to have a cute pink and mocha combo, so check your local Barnes and Noble if you’re interested.

While working on another assignment a few weeks ago, I walked into South Miami’s Lululemon Store and saw their gorgeous Vinyasa to Vino Bag, which I also think would make a great Large Tote or work bag and not just a great gym bag. If you’re one of those that rushes to get a workout in before or after work, this bag would be perfect for your transition from work to sweat. Or if you just want something you can tote around town in with all your essentials while you’re running errands, it’s large enough to keep all your work needs, personal needs and still cute enough to meet the girls for a drink or the boy for a hot date. If you’re a mommy on the go, it can double as a cute diaper bag. It has plenty of space inside and even extra pockets to keep your laptop and iPad safe inside. My go-to place for large and affordable bags is Zara. I have a few I’m coveting as you can see in the images above. Last Summer I celebrated a new gig by purchasing myself a large beige classic bag. It’s been my go-to bag for days when I have dinner meetings and I need to carry copies of magazines and notebooks. It’s large enough to carry what I need, and still look classy and trendy. It can hold a laptop if I needed it to, but I haven’t used it for that yet. I like to keep it a little lighter. I’ve even used it on the weekends out with the girls and it’s been a perfect bag for me to lug all my “essentials” in. The bright colors in the bags above are perfect for the warmer weather ahead. They’ll add a pop of color to any outfit and I’m sure bring you a smile when you look down at them. On the plus side, I’m convinced the bigger the bag the smaller you look. So if you need some help in that department, steer away from bags that look tiny against your body. But keep in mind, you can’t use large totes for every occasion. Sometimes you need small and classic to complete your look, but for the woman on the daily go, a big bag might be just what you need.

Do you prefer large totes or smaller purses? Where do you go for affordable, yet trendy and high quality bags? What’s your favorite design, who’s your favorite designer? Would you or have you used gym bags or other bags that aren’t classified as a purse as your daily handbag? Have you received unexpected compliments?

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