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THANK YOU! I want to use this opportunity and this post to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you who voted for this blog. On Thursday, September 15th I found out that Bella Vida won for Most Valuable Blog in the “Everything Else” category for CBS 4! Needless to say I was beyond excited!

Again, thank you. Thank you for voting. Thank you for visiting. Thank you for telling your friends, family, neighbors, Facebook contacts to stop by and read – AND VOTE! Now that the contest is over I hope you continue to visit. There’s a lot more in store.

Most Valuable Blogger Miami CBS

Bella Vida first launched this year on January 30th. I was using a different platform during the first few posts and  it sucked – I wasn’t happy with it. The revamp for this site started around May and the second week of July it became public. It’s only been around for about two months now and has already had over 4,000 visitors. (yay!) That’s not too shabby in my book. I started Bella Vida because I had way too much time on my hands. I had been laid off after the economy tanked and hadn’t been able find a full-time job in the media world. Since I couldn’t find someone to pay me for my thoughts (at least on a regular basis), I figured I’d do it anyway. Hell, what did I have to lose at this point? At first, I figured it would be my personal outlet to say what’s on my mind and share with others things that I loved. I was excited that even 10 people were reading. At first I thought it was just some family and friends I had begged and nagged to read. But now that the count is at over 4,000, well let’s admit, I’m not that popular. So I guess word is getting around. THANK YOU! I had originally started another blog back in 2005 – crazy to think it’s been six years. That old blog came to a halt at some point but I always had the urge to do it again. After a few of my readers from the old blog asked me why I wasn’t blogging anymore, the thoughts I had for Bella Vida started to flourish. So here it is. I hope you’re all enjoying it. I also hope this blog is better than that freshman attempt at one. I am planning to keep this one going through more frequent freelance gigs, through a full-time gig – whenever one is granted, and for as long as you all continue to visit, read, and participate. Speaking of participation, feel free to leave more comments! I love to know what you’re thinking and what your reactions are to my posts. Yes, even if you hate them.

I’ve included a little poll below. Now that the blog has won “Most Valuable Blog”, I’d like to keep it being valuable for all of you who are reading. It’s still going to continue being what it is – a confetti of different topics. But, since you are the ones visiting, spreading the word and continuing to visit, I’d like to include more of the topics you enjoy. I’m not going to get rid of any of them, because in all honesty, I enjoy writing about each one. However, I do want to know which ones you like best. So in the poll below, please click on the topic you like to read most about. The one that keeps you coming back to visit more often. If there’s some topic I haven’t covered, which you’d enjoy, just click other and leave your two cents in the comments section. Also, if you love more than one, vote more than once and leave your comments as well if you’d like to. If I don’t have happy readers, well, then I basically have zero readers. So please let me know what you think and love.

Again, one more time – THANK YOU truly from the bottom of my little heart! Feel free to visit the CBS site to see the official winning announcement!

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