Welcoming a Little Princess: Pink & Green Motif

This weekend I spent Saturday afternoon welcoming my soon-to-be born niece.

Her mom is like a sister to me and I am fortunate enough to be the Godmother of her first little girl. We’re now preparing for Princess #2 to join the family and Saturday afternoon was spent with lots of family and friends surrounded by lots of pink. I am so excited for this little bundle to arrive and join our crazy family. I was also so happy to be sharing another important milestone with a person I’ve had by my side my entire life. It’s always a little sentimental when we cross another milestone of life together, yet knowing someone is always by you no matter if it’s through good or bad things, is really the definition of great family. And in this case, what I consider a sister.

The Baby Shower was celebrated at Italy Today in Main Street in Miami Lakes. The food was delicious and although it’s an Italian restaurant, the choices were broad enough to give everyone’s pallet a choice. The choices included, lasagna, chicken, salmon, steak and spaghetti. I had the chicken with mushrooms and spaghetti and I don’t have any complaints. From what I saw the others having, all the choices looked very tasty.
The decor was a simple green and pink motif, the same colors the baby’s nursery is being decorated. Mommy-to-be had a simple candy bar surrounding the absolutely gorgeous cake, which resembled pieces of her invitation. The invitation was a picture of a little girl’s closet with a toy elephant on the floor of the nursery. The cake was then decorated with pink and green details such as stripes and buttons and topped with a very cute pink elephant. The masterpiece cake was done my the very talented Mr. and Mrs. P. The cake was absolutely delicious and the frosting was probably the best thing I’ve had in a very long time. I could’ve had just frosting and been a happy girl. But don’t get me wrong, the entire cake was delicious, I would’ve had more than one slice if I could have. Mr. and Mrs. P also baked cute little cupcakes, which the mommy-to-be used as the thank you gifts for all the guests. Each cupcake came in an individual box and was placed at each place setting. Guests loved that they were able to take a little sample of delicious sweets home. The cupcake was the same flavor as the cake, so I guess in reality I probably did have the equivalent of two slices. Now, sshhh! Now back to the candy bar I mentioned. The cake table was used as the candy bar, with the cake the center of attention, since it was complete cuteness. The candy bar included pink and green gum balls, gummy bears, pink stripped lollipop sticks, white cheddar popcorn, pink wrapped Hershey’s Kisses, and animal cookies with white and pink frosting. Guests must have loved the selections, because by the time I reached the candy station, I was only able to get a couple of things. That’s a sign of a successful candy station. I don’t know what it is about these candy bars at parties, but they’re an absolute hit. They’re also another great way to allow your guests to take something home with them as a thank you from you.
For the welcome table, the Mommy-to-be had pictures of herself and the Daddy-to-be as babies. There were also two adorable pictures of the Big Sister-to-be hugging Mommy’s belly. In the center of it was a larger picture of the sonogram with a border to allow guests to sign a little something for the Princess-to-be. This picture will be placed in the Baby’s nursery after she arrives and it’s filled with loving messages from all those who hold a special place for her Mommy and for her once she arrives.
baby picture

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