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Our Last Days in Barcelona

“Our Last Days in Barcelona” by Chanel Cleeton tells the story of the third Perez sister, Isabel, during the 1960s. However, Isabel isn’t the only main character whose story is more deeply revealed in this novel. We also get to know Alicia, the matriarch of the Perez family, a little bit more as we dive into her early life and back story.


In “Our Last Days in Barcelona” Isabel leaves West Palm Beach, and her husband, to search for Beatriz, who she has not heard from in a while. Though the two sisters are in a bit of a rift as the story beings (and where their relationship left off in “When We Left Cuba,”) their relationship transforms throughout the book.


Family secrets will be unveiled, while the family’s and society’s expectations are challenged.


Does this sound interesting? Check our our full review on “Our Last Days in Barcelona.”

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