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80s Flashback: Neon Trend is Here for Summer

If you’ve walked into a shopping mall or boutique in the last couple of months you might have felt like you’re back in the 80s. The brights and neon colors are on just about everything. Hot pinks, bright yellows and neon greens, blues and oranges are on just about everything. You can find them from formal dressed, to casual short shorts and even business attire, accessories and shoes.
However, every style needs to be picked up according to your age. For the younger generations, teens and those in their early to mid-20s, I have this to say to you, have fun and indulge! Pick up every color and hue and have fun. Pair them with contrasting colors and make bold statements. A crazy statement necklace will be great for you as well.
For those in their 30s, I say, have fun and dab into the trend, but proceed with caution. You are still free to have fun with color, but try to stay away from crazy combinations and try to pick up outfits in coordinating colors like pinks with purple or teal with yellow or green. Don’t go to crazy, but have fun. Just make sure your styles are still coordinating with your age. If you’re sporting shorts that are a tad on the shorter end of the spectrum, pair it with a loose-fitting top that isn’t too revealing. If your top is low-cut, open back or a bit sexier, pair it with jeans or even under a blazer. Feel free to wear those highlighter coral or yellow pants, but pair them with a black top, or jean button-down. Pick on of your assets to flaunt, but enjoy the color trend. It’s summer time after all and that’s a time to have a more relaxed look and experiment and have fun with color.

For those of you in your 40s and beyond, pick color in one of your wardrobe choices and keep the rest a bit more modest. Choose a bright-colored heel or sandal but keep the rest of your outfit in neutral colors. The same goes for your clothing, go ahead and pick up that bright teal top, pair it with jeans or black pants. If you’re in the mood for a brighter bottom, make sure the fit and length is age appropriate and not too tight or too short. Then wear a neutral top in black, white or jean color. If you are in a bold mood and want to add a brighter top with your new hot colored pants, top it with a black blazer to pull the look together and town it down a bit. If color isn’t something you’re really into, experiment with safer choices like a bold ring, bright-colored purse, neon shoe, or a fun, bright-colored necklace or even a belt but keep the rest of your attire more of your usual style.

Don’t forget, color can be fun. If you’re intimidated by it, start off slowly until you figure out how much color you’re comfortable with. As a makeup junkie, I’ll recommend to try with a hot pink lipstick or even bright teal, yellow or coral nail polish. If you don’t like it, you can always just wipe it off. If you work in a more conservative field, I would keep your manicure more classic and experiment with color on your toes. A pop of color peeking through those peep toe heels can be fun and add a smile to your day in the middle of the work load. Plus, they look great in the sand as well.

How will you be adding color to your wardrobe this season? Does the neon trend intimidate you or inspire you? How do you mix in the trends but yet keep it age appropriate? Chime in, in the comments below!

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