goodbye 2011

Out with the old in with the new: Good Riddance 2011!

2011 how happy I am that there’s only ONE more day left of you!

This year has definitely not been as HORRENDOUS as last year was for my family and I, but it also hasn’t been exceptionally great. However, in the midst of all the mundane-ness, waiting, hoping, and trying, there have been tiny great things of happiness sprinkled throughout. In 2011 I attempted a shot at a freelance career, and although not as consistent as I have hoped for, every writer must begin somewhere. I’m thankful for the opportunities it did bless me with. I had my first full piece published in a national magazine (which landed on the cover as well), a big jump for the local gigs and trade publications. I was also able to contribute to another very important piece for the same publication, which I also pitched and it also landed on a cover mention.

My blog was kicked off last January, and revamped in the summer to the beauty you see here now. I entered Bella Vida in a local competition by a national TV station, CBS News, and was awarded the Best Blogger Award in the Everything category. Something I owe in part to all of you, my loyal readers. Thank you again for your support and readership. Feel free to keep spreading the Bella Vida word.

I also had the opportunity to finish my very stretched out career and graduated earl this year. No amount of experience can limit you from the thrill of achieving that goal and gaining that little piece of paper after crossing a stage. It was a long process in between full-time work, but I won’t regret the way things played out in the end. The experience is something that I’ll take with me everywhere.

On another note, this year brought me my second niece, well not technically my niece but she might as well be and my most recent god-daughter. The birth of babies is always a time to celebrate and coming from these two very special “mommies” in my life – makes them even more special.

I spent the last year living the single life, after a three-year exhausting relationship, it was a nice break to not have to worry about anyone else or how things were or were not working out. I think people should always take time to themselves after a relationship to evaluate what they want, what they need, and what they are looking for in a potential lifelong relationship. Also, I think that when things aren’t working, it’s time to let go and walk away, instead of always working so hard to make something work. At times it may not be working because it’s just not meant to be – whether you realize it at the moment or not, in hindsight you will.

2011 2012This past year, as you can see didn’t bring many new opportunities or new excitement, but the ones that were sprinkled throughout were all wonderful moments and experiences. I’ve learned, I’ve cried – a lot, I’ve laughed, I’ve loved, and I’ve let go. With that, I’m ready to let go of 2011 and anxious to hold on to 2012 for everything that will come with it. I’m anticipating more freelance opportunities and possibly a full-time gig doing what I love best. I already know 2012 will be bringing a few more new tiny little lives into my life and I feel blessed and excited to meet them all when the time comes. And if 2012 brings love with it, then it’s welcomed, but for now I’m anxiously awaiting a new year filled with new experiences and opportunities.

How was your 2011? What are you expecting for 2012? Was 2011 a good year for you?

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