Recommended Summer Reads for Kids by Kids

It’s summertime. And though that means lots of free time, summer camps, and fun in the sun, we have a few suggestions to keep your little ones reading throughout the summer.


Reading for enjoyment is all about finding the types of books that they enjoy to read. I learned this while trying to get my niece to read more. Finally she told me recently, “ You were right, I had to find books I like to read.” Now she likes to read all the time—mysteries seem to be her favorite choice lately. Making it all about what she’s choosing, not what we were getting her makes it a bit more exciting.


Take an afternoon and stroll the bookstore with your kids. Let them pick out something they find interesting. And, for those who might need a little inspiration, I turned to my list of experts—all the kids in my family, my godchildren, niece, and nephew, and of course all the moms who asked their kids on InstaGram for us—thank you. These are the books the kids are reading grouped by age of the kids who suggested them and gender. Some suggested their favorite series or topics—mostly the younger kids, and others gave us their favorite titles. Think about some of these titles for your kiddies when you’re browsing the book aisles. Or, maybe save some for a holiday or birthday wish list.


Read with your child to create reading habits from a young age.

As an added bonus, if you live in Florida, children’s books are tax free now through August 14. Take advantage of this opportunity and load up on a few books not just for the summer, but that your kids can enjoy all year through.


And keep in mind that kids do what they see us doing. Create a space where reading is fun—a reading nook with a special chair or a tent and blanket can allure them a little more to want spend time reading. Schedule family reading time and set a timer for 30 minutes after dinner or before a movie. I do this a lot with my niece and many times she asks for an extra 10 minutes because she wants to finish a chapter. Pull out your book and read beside them during this time to show them that reading can be enjoyable and done together.


Do your kids have other favorites that are not on this list? Let us know and we’ll be happy to share more titles with our readers.

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